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Lorne G. Hammond

Founder & President

Lorne Hammond, President of The Harvest, Family Business Solutions, LLC, focuses on risk management and retirement solutions for non-profit organizations, small and mid-size closely held companies, particularly family-owned companies, and healthcare, legal, and media professionals.  Mr. Hammond works to develop a solid financial position for each client through recommendations and implementation of strategies designed to minimize risk and taxes, maximize wealth, and prepare clients for retirement. Mr. Hammond has over 15 years of experience in small business consulting and financial services, earning his bachelor’s degree from Western Connecticut State University, two designations, LUTCF (Life Underwriting Training Council Fellow) and CFBS (Certified Family Business Specialist) from The American College of Financial Services, and a Financial Planning Certificate from Bryant University.

The Harvest, Family Business Solutions, LLC, helps clients make crucial financial decisions using our client centered 5FS retirement planning process and insurance solutions.

Closely Held and Family-Owned Businesses

We develop business continuity and succession plans that support the value of Closely Held and Family-Owned Businesses by retaining key employees, creating cash reserves, and providing employee and executive benefits. Additionally, we assist business owners in safely leveraging their business assets to provide for lifestyle and legacy.


Nonprofits, Schools & Faith-Based Organizations

Nonprofits, schools, and faith-based organizations face many of the same challenges with succession planning, retaining key employees, creating cash reserves, and employee benefits. We develop and implement plans that minimize disruptions in the client’s operations and mission.


Legal Professionals, &  Executives

The Harvest helps medical and legal professionals, and leading executives to maximize the ROI on their years of education and sacrifice by creating order and efficiency in their personal finances and address retirement, potentially resulting in a higher net worth.


Technology, Entertainment Arts, Media, & Sports
Uniquely talented professionals often have unique challenges managing the variability of their income as well as lump sum income, multiple sources of income  retirement, and health and welfare solutions.

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