HFB Solutions

HFB Solutions



The Harvest, Family Business Solutions, LLC helps clients make crucial financial decisions using our client-centered 5FS retirement planning process and insurance solutions.  

• For Closely Held and Family-Owned Businesses, we develop business succession and continuation plans that support the business’ value by retaining key employees, creating cash reserves, and providing employee and executive benefits. Additionally, for business owners, we assist them in safely leveraging their business assets to provide for lifestyle and legacy.

• The Harvest helps Medical and Legal Professionals and Leading Executives to maximize the ROI on their years of education and sacrifice by creating order and efficiency in their personal finances and addressing retirement, resulting in a higher net worth.

Nonprofit Organizations face many of the same challenges with succession planning, retaining key employees, creating cash reserves, and employee benefits. We develop and implement plans that minimize client operations and mission disruptions.

The Harvest, Family Business Solutions, LLC, Founder and President, Lorne G. Hammond, understands small businesses' important role in the economy. Through strategic advice and risk management strategies, Mr. Hammond aims to help businesses go from Main street to the mainstream, stimulate economic growth, and create generational wealth in communities across America.